Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ruby + Ed

Let's all be honest we all go through pain and discomfort in the name of fashion. I know I have from my vivienne westwood shoes rubbing my heels, to my Lipsy dress that I have to suck myself into.
So its is imperative that our lounge and night ware must and I shell highlight must again be comfortable, cosy and still stylish.

I love to look good in my lounge ware or sloppy clothes as my friend puts it, with all this in mind I introduce you to Ruby + Ed  a fantastic online company that specialise in fabulous beautiful cosy slippers, in more designs than you can shake a stick at! They also do loungeware, outerwear, knitwear, accessories and much much more.

Mocha Nighty


Cloud Snuggle Boot in Nut

Now £21.00 Was £35.00

Latte and Damson Frill Stick Umbrella

Now £15.00 Was £30.00

Latte Chunky Knit Headband

Now £11.70 Was £19.50

Velvet Bow Ballerina in Orchid Pink

Now £18.75 Was £37.50

I must say I am in love with the Ladies sheepskin cuff  slippers in damson, the colour is so rich and these slippers are the most comfiest I have ever worn, I look forward to slipping them on as soon as I get home from work. Another great thing with these little gems is they have a decent hard sole witch is hard to find. 

These beauties are in the Ruby+Ed sale for £34. 30! Their is so much more on offer in the sale!  Its worth checking them out for a little luxury and style.  

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Christopher Hughes said...

Lovely article I have come across this company before and their slippers.

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