Saturday, 30 October 2010

Wisheees ♥♥

Whilst on a quest to find another new handbag one of my dear friends suggested this website to me, i was intrigued so i checked it out. is a one of a kind website were you have a grate opportunity to win authentic designer handbags every month by paying a small price, yep that right! This amazing opportunity was cleverly thought up by a group of fantastic people who believe it a right to own a bit of luxury. designer brands include Chanel, Prada, Louis vuitton, Mulbery, Gucci, YSL and many more.

So i thought why not, i have wasted money in the past on "designer handbags" which fall apart after one week! i would much rather pay a couple of quid for a chance to win a real designer handbag. knowing this without hesitation i set up a account with and deposited some money and got straight down to business, there are six different beautiful handbags to choose from, being a typical girl i knew what handbag i wanted. wasting no time i purchased some credits to play the wisheees fashion quiz, basically you choose the bag you want, then with the money you deposited you purchase credits each credit is a fashion related question and for every question you get right gives you a ticket to be entered in a prize draw for that handbag, each credit is a £1 or you can buy 3 for £2, 10 for £7 or 50 for £25 FAB!

In my personal opinion i think this is a amazing fun website that gives everyone a fantastic opportunity to get their hands on beautiful authentic designer handbags it is well worth taking a look at!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Fridays outfit

I was in a bit of a rush this morning and managed to through together this asomble, it is mainly all primark apart from the killah jeans, H&M ring and new look necklace. i got a tone of complements on my blouse which i brought yesterday *smiles* i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it, the print is so pretty and the fit is very flattering! one of my friends was surprised that the blouse was from primark lol.
I must say the primark brogues are soooo comfy ( perfect for work) but they seem to lack something, i might try threading some black ribbon through the lace holes and tie a big bow... sounds like it could work, i will let you know how i get on with than one.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

love of allthings shiny

Here is just a few bits and bobs i brought today owl ring H&M £3.99 bow ring H&M £3.99 and owl clock face necklace new look £4.99 . i did buy lot of other various thing today seeing as it was payday clothes, shoes, makeup and essentials *big smiles* but i have not checked my bank balance since my big spurge today *cringe* suppose i will have to at sum point, and with Christmas just around the corner i will have to try my absolute hardest to resist buying everything i like, maybe i will put i down on my Christmas list haha.

On another note i am in search of a face primer dose anyone have any recommendations?

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

so, she wore spots. (ootd)

me and one of my dog's Jess :) experimenting with the camera
Today i wore my new pink spot skirt from H&M i think it was £12.99 i really like this skirt its quiet flattering, i teamed it up with my black H&M ruffled shoulder top £7.99 and river island leggings. I was going to ware my tights but discovered a gaping hole in them :( very disappointing they were my favourite tights *sigh* maybe i will get my mum to sew them up lol.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Just an average day

my word this morning was FREEZING -4 in fact! Burr so cold, it did get warmer though out the day thought *phew* still have not found that perfect winter coat yet i better get a move on! anyway i did not start work till 1pm today so i decided to head to town early and do a bit of shopping which resulted in one Barry m nail polish, not much of a shopping spree i was going to buy a lovely plain black peter pan collar dress from topshop but as usual i was very indecisive about it and not sure it fitted me *sigh* i love peter pan collars at the moment i think they are a must have for winter!

Friday, 22 October 2010

what she wore today (ootd)

so today i wore my new topshop dress :) i am in love with it and really like the peter pan collar, i brought this dress with some birthday money i had left over, i wore it with cream river island tights and brown primark brogues and belt from new look.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

high town horror

Eeek! woke up to this this morning, shop fire in high town :( from what i have been told by the local paper and news reports four shops have been badly damaged card factory (we have plenty of those in town) phones 4u (again plenty) ann summers and.......... *sob sob sob* river island!!!! i know its a fashion disaster. At one point their were over 100 firefighter and 25 engines battling the blaze, i have also been informed that a couple of the shops that are damaged may have to be demolished :( sad day for Hereford.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

winter wish list

tOp To BoTtOm_ river island jumper £39.99_ topshop cardigan £45.00_ topshop trousers £42.00_ topshop snood £14.00_ river island belt £19.99_ river island bag £36.00

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

day of photos

work day, costa coffee, primark shoes(had loads of complements) river island tights, dress from topshop brought today:), jacket potato, new blackberry case.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Time to pose

I still have not got rid of this darn cold! ugh and to make things worse i have passed it on to my bf who now has the dreaded MAN FLU. so in spite of that i thought i would do a short post on my make up and what i am currently using. i must say i finely have got the knack of false eyelashes *finally* so here we go .............

first here's a few products i like to use at the moment i love using the benefit big beautiful eyes pallet it great for that everyday look i also love the barbie blusher the colour is lush, also i like to use the benefit lemon aid color correcting eyelid primer to keep my eyeshadow on for longer.

ok so this is me trying to pose :s

i thought i would do a close up on my eye make up ( i used the benefit big beautiful eyes pallet)

hope you liked the photos :) xx

war of the wordrobe!

Apparently i have too many clothes pah.. well as you will be able to see from the photos my clothes rail was a bit over loaded, and after lots of nagging by my mum i decided to have a little clear out and tidy up. It didn't take me that long probably because i threw most of it out, mainly stuff i have not even worn. I'm a real sucker for high street sales and if its cheap i will buy it and surprise surprise never ware it, what a waste!

on with the before and afters :)

BEFORE ok very messy, clothes every were

AFTER look alot better now i can find things

the unwanted awww

a few things i forgot i had oops. i thing i will be waring that lipsy dress out soon :)

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Thomas sabo ♥ ♥ ♥

sooooo recently for my 21st i got this lovely Thomas sabo charm bracelet from my mum and dad :) i just adore it and all the charms ♥ so many to choose from i spend hours looking I'm my little charm book highlighting the ones i want for my boyfriend to buy me *hint hint Matt* uh guys are so hard to drop suttle hint to! and when they think they have got it, they get it wrong lol bless. back to the bracelet in question, as you can see i have 3 lovely charms on mine the horse is off my mummy, dog bone off my bf and the pearl i bought with some birthday money i had left over.

just a random day :) (with rae)

Ahhh Saturday's don't you just love them! Recently i have been feeling abit under the weather :( boo. on the plus side my mum and dad are back from their hols, yes home cooked food again *smiles* and the got me a prezzie :)

with this miserable weather we have been having, i decided to get myself a new superdry hoodie :) so snuggley and warm i adore the colour i got this from fit they also have a online shop

my Friend rae got this lipsy dress which i love and i may have to borrow ;) and to Cheer me up she drew me a picture aww

me at the park

Thursday, 14 October 2010

brazilets! oh i love

pretty colorful ribbon wrapped around my wrist/ankle i do love brazilets not just for that reason though these "new fashion accessory's" hold a 200 year old tradition from mystical Bahia, Brazil, “Brazilets” are worn throughout Latin America and provide a spiritual significance for all who wear them. Wrap Brazilets around your wrist and tie three knots, making a wish with each knot. When your Brazilets naturally break down and fall off, it is believed that your three wishes will come true! They come in many different colours i have bright pink and baby pink brazilets, i do love the mango one spotted on Lauren Conrad thought

Brazilets is committed to the environment and supports the Plant A Billion Trees project that sees a tree planted in Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest. As its name suggests, over the next seven years this Nature Conservancy project aims to plant one billion trees! With Brazilets, you now have a colourful, attractive way to proclaim your wishes while also making a real contribution to future generations.
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