Sunday, 17 October 2010

Time to pose

I still have not got rid of this darn cold! ugh and to make things worse i have passed it on to my bf who now has the dreaded MAN FLU. so in spite of that i thought i would do a short post on my make up and what i am currently using. i must say i finely have got the knack of false eyelashes *finally* so here we go .............

first here's a few products i like to use at the moment i love using the benefit big beautiful eyes pallet it great for that everyday look i also love the barbie blusher the colour is lush, also i like to use the benefit lemon aid color correcting eyelid primer to keep my eyeshadow on for longer.

ok so this is me trying to pose :s

i thought i would do a close up on my eye make up ( i used the benefit big beautiful eyes pallet)

hope you liked the photos :) xx

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