Sunday, 21 February 2010


today i did a bit of experimenting with my eye shadow set, i don't normally put eye shadow on all the time and if i do i normally stick to whites browns or gold shades so today i thought i would do something a bit different :)

today i am wearing

clinuqe city block sheer SPF 25
clinique superfit foundation shade 16 (bare)
N.Y.C colour wheel mosaic face powder
barbie blusher (Rosie)

front cover eye pallet (4 shades used)
too faced lava gloss eye pencil (black )
maybelline pulse perfection mascara (black)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

my wish list

Hello i thought i would do a wish list post and show you some of my most wanted items, here is just a few things off my forever growing wish list...........................
lush bubblegum lip scrub umm yummy i will be buying this next week so i will be able to cross this one off my wish list :)
lux addiction custom phone case i already have one of these but i have fell in love with this one which costs £49 Tiffany key i love Tiffany keys i am hoping to get one for my birthday :) yay

foxy locks hair extensions these are gorgeous and really reasonably priced you can find the here they sell lots of other thing too.
Vivian westwood flat shoes, i love these and the colour i would ware these every day if i could afford them :(


hello, today i thought i would do a quick little post on my outfit i wore today for work :) again nothing to amazing.

so here's me, i wore my new look floral dress and a brown cardigan from primark nothing to special.

Friday, 19 February 2010

clothes haul

oops! i went shopping today............... i just couldn't resist all the pretty clothes! i bought mainly tops today from new look, i love these pastel colours grate for spring surprisingly i did not buy any florals today humm maybe tomorrow ;)
anyway this i what i bought
green hankie hem top £8.00 and grey vest £4.00 both new look

pink vest top £10.00 new look

cream t-shirt (my favourite) new look £16.00

pretty pink and black bracelets £6.00 new look :)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

bits and bobs........

hello, i thought i would do a little post today on a couple of items i regularly wear
first up is my favourite ring from miss selfridge, I'm really into flowers and florals at the moment and this ring is perfect for spring and the colours go really well with most of my outfits :)

another favourite thing of mine is GOSH velvet touch lipstick in 134 darling, i love this colour and i wear it everyday.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

OOTD and FOTD :)

Hello, i thought i would do a ootd and ..... cringe fotd. i had a bit more time on my hands today and used my camera for the photos instead of my blackberry, sooooo first up fotd :)

my first fotd, well nothing too exciting today and I'm not sure what to wright so i will give you a run down on what product's i have used today.
clinuqe city block sheer SPF 25
clinique superfit foundation shade 16 (bare)
N.Y.C colour wheel mosaic face powder
barbie blusher (Rosie)
front cover eye pallet (3 shades used)
too faced lava gloss eye pencil (black )
maybelline pulse perfection mascara (black)
gosh velvet touch lipstick (shade 134 darling)
now on with ootd................................

At the moment i am really into floral's and i love this hankie hem top from new look, iv put a belt on to give me a bit more of a shape, and a purple vest underneath for a bit of layering :) i got my black cardigan from primark a bargain for £5 and plain leggings from new look.

Monday, 15 February 2010


just a quick little post on my outfit of the day :) first sorry about the photo i was stood next to a mirror lol and my dog Jessie wanted to be in it, bless her.
so........ the hole of my outfit is from new look today, i was in a littleh time to bit of a rush this morning so i did not have much time to plan my outfit but i must say i am quite impressed with how it turned out :)
(next time i will use my camera not my phone)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

my little lush stash

just a little post to show you my every growing lush collection in the picture there are various soaps, bath bars, massage bars, shower jellies, big shampoo, conditioners and scrubs :) cant wait to get my hand on even more lush goodies :)

mini lush haul

i went shopping online again........ eek but bagged my self some great lush products :)

first up is lush big shampoo

when i first looked at it i was quite hesitant as it is 50% salt and has salt grains in it but the smell just took me away the only way i can describe it as is fresh i couldn't wait to have a shower :)
i have read other peoples reviews saying that the shampoo dose not lather well, when i used it i only used a small amount about a 50p size and rubbed it in the palm of my hands first then worked it evenly through my hair, i lathered up really well also the smell was beautiful really fresh and i felt relaxed , as i washed the shampoo out of my hair i could feel how clean it was squeaky clean in fact.
i did not use any conditioner or additional products when i first tried lush big as i wanted to see what it could do. after letting my hair dry naturally for a change i was amazed by the results my hair was soft, shinny, volumized and smelled lovely, i have never had my hair looking so healthy too, even my hair dresser said how healthy it is looking. this is a wonderful product from lush and well worth the money!

in the past i have bought many shampoos which don't do as the say and leave my hair dull lifeless and greasy. i think i will be sticking to lush big for a very very long time :)

next up is lush veganese conditioner

this is another amazing product from lush a must buy i think, most conditioners it use makes my hair greasy dull and even static, this conditioner is amazing it smells gorgeous and with the big shampoo i did not use any additional products just the big shampoo, i put the conditioner on as i would normally and found it washed out really well and did not leave a strange texture like other conditioners do, i left my hair to dry naturally and after drying i found my hair was left soft and shinny it did not feel heavy or greasy. i absolutely love this conditioner it is amazing :)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

my valentines

Today i made some blueberry muffins for my boyfriend for valentines day :) he absolutely loves blueberry muffins so i thought it would be nice to make him some.
This is how they turned out........................... yummy :)
the recipe i used
blueberry muffins
225g/8oz self-raising flower
pinch of salt
50g/2oz white sugar
2 eggs beaten
50g/2oz melted butter
100-150g fresh blueberry's
150ml milk
makes approx 12 muffins
pre heat the oven on gas mark 5 (190c/375f)
sift flower, salt and sugar in a bowl then and eggs, melted butter and the milk, stir until a smooth batter is formed then add blueberry's and stir, place mixture into muffin cases and place in the oven for 20-25 Min's.... perfect

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

*mini haul*

Today on my lunch break I popped in to claries accessories to get sum grip slide and ended up coming out of the shop with a few extra goodies :)  I got these cute little heart earrings perfect for valentines and I thought will look great with my nautical t-shirt, I also got sum plain stud as a backup set as I seem to be miss placing my earrings lately

 also i came across BUMPITS hair volumizing inserts, you can create lots of diffrent hair styles with them. i am going to have a little try with them later, i will let you know how i get on :)  

Saturday, 6 February 2010


money well spent!
hello peeps...... today i went on a mini shopping spree and finally bagged myself a pare of jeans g-star jeans :D they are amazing and well worth the £99 pounds i payed for them, they are stunning and fit me perfectly. i always were leggings because i find it impossible to find jeans that fit me nicely and are comfutable, now all my searching has come to an end thank god for g-star! they are perfect and i cant wait to were them out with the new t-shirt i also bought today :) yay!

these are the 20th anniversary limited edition jeans :)

my new superdry t-shirt

i purchased my items from an amazing shop in Hereford called FIT it has loads of Major named brands and dose men's clothing too, they also have a DJ playing in the shop on Saturdays, you can also buy online here

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

the love of LUSH!!!

I Have found my new addiction LUSH,
unfortunately were i live we don't have a lush shop boo :( but luckily they are on line :) after hearing plenty of hype about lush i decided to bag my self a few goodies.

i got the sugar scrub(green)and the sugar babe scrub (white) they are great, they both leave you skin super soft and silky, the both smell OK too simply brake a bit of and use in the shower or bath but don't get it too wet or it will dissolve... also the sugar scrub (green) is great for unwanted cellulite :)

i also purchased sweetie pie

i am totally in love with this the sweetie pie shower jelly it smells gorgeous and really sweet, but not too overpowering, and it leaves you squeaky clean, when i first used it i thought it would dissolve quickly but it doesn't, u simply ripped a chunk off and work it until it eventually dissolves, or use the whole thing and put it back in the pot when you are done. i really love this product i don't think i will ever go back to shower gel unless its from LUSH.
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