Saturday, 6 February 2010


money well spent!
hello peeps...... today i went on a mini shopping spree and finally bagged myself a pare of jeans g-star jeans :D they are amazing and well worth the £99 pounds i payed for them, they are stunning and fit me perfectly. i always were leggings because i find it impossible to find jeans that fit me nicely and are comfutable, now all my searching has come to an end thank god for g-star! they are perfect and i cant wait to were them out with the new t-shirt i also bought today :) yay!

these are the 20th anniversary limited edition jeans :)

my new superdry t-shirt

i purchased my items from an amazing shop in Hereford called FIT it has loads of Major named brands and dose men's clothing too, they also have a DJ playing in the shop on Saturdays, you can also buy online here

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