Sunday, 14 February 2010

mini lush haul

i went shopping online again........ eek but bagged my self some great lush products :)

first up is lush big shampoo

when i first looked at it i was quite hesitant as it is 50% salt and has salt grains in it but the smell just took me away the only way i can describe it as is fresh i couldn't wait to have a shower :)
i have read other peoples reviews saying that the shampoo dose not lather well, when i used it i only used a small amount about a 50p size and rubbed it in the palm of my hands first then worked it evenly through my hair, i lathered up really well also the smell was beautiful really fresh and i felt relaxed , as i washed the shampoo out of my hair i could feel how clean it was squeaky clean in fact.
i did not use any conditioner or additional products when i first tried lush big as i wanted to see what it could do. after letting my hair dry naturally for a change i was amazed by the results my hair was soft, shinny, volumized and smelled lovely, i have never had my hair looking so healthy too, even my hair dresser said how healthy it is looking. this is a wonderful product from lush and well worth the money!

in the past i have bought many shampoos which don't do as the say and leave my hair dull lifeless and greasy. i think i will be sticking to lush big for a very very long time :)

next up is lush veganese conditioner

this is another amazing product from lush a must buy i think, most conditioners it use makes my hair greasy dull and even static, this conditioner is amazing it smells gorgeous and with the big shampoo i did not use any additional products just the big shampoo, i put the conditioner on as i would normally and found it washed out really well and did not leave a strange texture like other conditioners do, i left my hair to dry naturally and after drying i found my hair was left soft and shinny it did not feel heavy or greasy. i absolutely love this conditioner it is amazing :)

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