Friday, 28 October 2011

Random nail art.

Modles own: Sterling silver, Red alert, Gun grey, Orange sorbet and Bubblegum
Hello lovely, quick post today because I feel horrid oh the joys of winter. So just a quick up date on nail art I have been playing around with a few designs and could not decide on what to do so I did a mixture my favorite is the tiger print. what is yours?
Hope everyone has had a great week.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fruity, Floral, Musky.

Fruity, floral, musky, I love them all. With Christmas just around the corner the one thing that will be on most women's Christmas list is perfume. I know its on mine! The Christmas list I emailed my boyfriend had the usual Vivienne Westwood this Tresor paris that and of course channel No5 perfume, but that list is about to be changed.

The lovely Stanwells boutique sent me some truly irresistible perfume samples. I am a picky gal when it comes to perfume all the samples I have received in my Glossy box and BP box I have ended up giving away or throwing out.

Hears a little rundown on the four samples I received from the lovely Stanwells and what I thought of them.

Juliette has a gun, Miss charming.
This lives up to its name charming! Beautiful scents of Moroccan rose, musks and wild fruits capture your senses, I could happily smell this all day. I love the packaging its properly the most original I have ever seen for perfume samples.

Boadicea the victorious, Pure.
Fresh scents of tropical fruits, sandalwood and jasmine awakens your mind and body. The packaging is generic but nice and simple.

Boadicea the victorious, Divine.
This is what I would call a girly perfume, wonderful scents of floral violet, jasmine and musk, smells like luxury to me.

Carthusia, Fori di capri.
I have to be honest this is my least favourite of the four, however the more I smell it the more I like it. This perfume is a floral blend of sandalwood Carnation and Lilly of the valley. I like the packaging and this sample comes in spray bottle form.   

With all of that in mind my favourite is Juliette has a gun, Miss charming. I love the brand name and the fragrance is beautiful and delicate. Miss charming will be knocking Channel No5 off my Christmas list!

If anyone would like to try or buy these perfumes then head over to Stanwells boutique.     

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Support for spots

Modles own: Red alert, Betty blue, Blue lagoon, Jade stone, Purple rain and Snow white.
Rimmel: Yellow
 Children in need are you doing your bit? I am showing my support with my children in need nails, I got my inspiration for this design when I was in lakelands the other day.

To create the spots I used blue tack on a cocktail stick and the results are pretty good well think so, all I did was roll a few tiny balls and mold them around the cocktail stick. I think I could create a few interesting styles with this technique.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Blue as the sea

Top: New Look Skirt: H&M  Boots: Topshop.
Necklace: Primark Rings: Primark, Topshop and Past times.
Hello lovelys, look who got round to an outfit post! About time I say, it was a bit windy today but I managed to take the photos with out the wind swept look.

I love this blue shirt from New Look I brought it a few weeks back its very comfy and surprisingly warm, which in my opinion is a must at the moment. It wont be long till I start waring my ski trousers up the horse *lol*

Saturday, 22 October 2011

black and white nail art

Modles own snow white, gun grey and red alert
Hello lovelys, my my it seems ages since I last posted. So with out further a due here it is, this weeks nail art I did not have time to do any outfit posts this week *sigh*.

In other news I won a boohoo competition on twitter and bagged my self a £50 voucher to spend *cheesy grin* so I now have my Xmas party dress sorted!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

More Zebra......nails

Zoya polish in Jem
models own polish in Snow white
Hello lovelys, how was everyones weekend? Mine was surprisingly sunny and consisted of sorting my wardrobe out,again. 
So after doing zebra print nails the other day for the first time, I thought I would try out some different designs and tada. I used zoya nail polish in Jem and models own polish in snow white, I love models own snow white as it covers over almost any polish. As for zoya I got this shade free with my boudoir prive box last month and I must say I am very impressed with the quality and i cant wait to see what is in the next  bp box.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lola Lola

Today I have decided to tell you about something that is not fashion nor beauty but Lola Lola. Some of you may already know about Lola Lola from facebook and twitter.

I am sat at my computer thinking how best I can describe Lola Lola to you all, and on word keeps popping in my head and that word is community. I know it is proberly not the best word to use but that is what I see Lola Lola as, a fantastic loving community with loving members who are happy for other peoples happiness.

Now I'm not going to carry on rambling on how Lola Lola is fantastic, amazing, wonderful etc... No I  simply want to inform everyone on Lola Lola's existence and how it could benefit you.

So one thing that has been causing a bit of a problem is membership, at the moment it is £2.99 a month to join which is a steal! Some of you may think not and that's fine. People who have been following Lola Lola on facebook fell maybe they have been deceived? I don't known just going on what I read. However its £2.99 a month not £100 or £200 but a tiny £2.99 yes tiny, I am not rich and I understand how every penny counts now, believe me I do know. Lola Lola have given so so much on facebook shouldn't we give a little back? 

Now I have established the £2.99 lark , I can tell you about the generous give aways and the loving forum. Their is always give aways and fab ones at that I love that Lola Lola believe everyone deserves to have lovely thing in their life and I think that is one of the things I love most about Lola Lola. As for the forums well its the hart of the community the people on here really care and are up for a good laugh and banter. We all have a sad story attached to us a negative to our positive, and the forum is the best place to share. Yes their are thousands of forums online and yes I have joined a fair few but Lola Lola tops them all not necessarily because of Lola Lola but because of their members, they are who make Lola Lola what it is.

Check Lola Lola out and share the Lola Lola love.   

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Oh i love animals.

 Top and Jumper: River island  Jeans:Topshop
Bag: Primark   rings Ebay and Accessorize
Hello Lovelys, iv got abit of an animal theme going on in this outfit it's a good job I love animals.

So this week I have had done hardly anything, just lazing around and going off on day trips with the boyfriend and may I add getting lost on these day trips! Men are useless when it comes to directions and I mean any type of directions.

The lovely British weather has gone back to it's normal rain rain rain, well it has were I am anyway. 
Hope everyone week is going well.

Zebra nails

Modles own Snow white and Nyla nude
Well it's been a while but finally I have found the time to post! Yay for me. I would also like to say a big hello to my new followers (hello).

So I finally got a bit creative with my nails and decided to move away from the leopard and trot into the zebra stripes. I really like this print on my nails all thought it did take longer to create than most nail art designs I do, I think it was worth it.

Let me know if you would like to see I tutorial on it and I might vlog it!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Miss match

Top: Topshop Skirt HandM
Modles own polish in peacock green
Hello lovelys, It's another one of those quick posts again. I have no energy today as I am writing this all i can think about is curling up with a mug of hot chocolate. 

I have not had much time lately to experiment with my nails so I stuck to a plain shade today, I am painting my aunts nails this week so i shell let you know how I get on.  

Monday, 3 October 2011

I am long and beige.

Firstly hello weather, secondly sorry it's been a while and thirdly hello lovelys!
Jumper H&M  Top New Look
Well Indian summer or what eh! It has really thrown my wardrobe out of the window, goodbye snug boots hello sandals. However their is talks of snow next week! Can some one remind me what country I'm in please?

I am a little bunged up at the moment so effort is not possible and in this photo I am rather beige but I must be honest I was not feeling colorful at the time.

Hope you all had a lovely sunny weekend.

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