Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lola Lola

Today I have decided to tell you about something that is not fashion nor beauty but Lola Lola. Some of you may already know about Lola Lola from facebook and twitter.

I am sat at my computer thinking how best I can describe Lola Lola to you all, and on word keeps popping in my head and that word is community. I know it is proberly not the best word to use but that is what I see Lola Lola as, a fantastic loving community with loving members who are happy for other peoples happiness.

Now I'm not going to carry on rambling on how Lola Lola is fantastic, amazing, wonderful etc... No I  simply want to inform everyone on Lola Lola's existence and how it could benefit you.

So one thing that has been causing a bit of a problem is membership, at the moment it is £2.99 a month to join which is a steal! Some of you may think not and that's fine. People who have been following Lola Lola on facebook fell maybe they have been deceived? I don't known just going on what I read. However its £2.99 a month not £100 or £200 but a tiny £2.99 yes tiny, I am not rich and I understand how every penny counts now, believe me I do know. Lola Lola have given so so much on facebook shouldn't we give a little back? 

Now I have established the £2.99 lark , I can tell you about the generous give aways and the loving forum. Their is always give aways and fab ones at that I love that Lola Lola believe everyone deserves to have lovely thing in their life and I think that is one of the things I love most about Lola Lola. As for the forums well its the hart of the community the people on here really care and are up for a good laugh and banter. We all have a sad story attached to us a negative to our positive, and the forum is the best place to share. Yes their are thousands of forums online and yes I have joined a fair few but Lola Lola tops them all not necessarily because of Lola Lola but because of their members, they are who make Lola Lola what it is.

Check Lola Lola out and share the Lola Lola love.   

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