Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fruity, Floral, Musky.

Fruity, floral, musky, I love them all. With Christmas just around the corner the one thing that will be on most women's Christmas list is perfume. I know its on mine! The Christmas list I emailed my boyfriend had the usual Vivienne Westwood this Tresor paris that and of course channel No5 perfume, but that list is about to be changed.

The lovely Stanwells boutique sent me some truly irresistible perfume samples. I am a picky gal when it comes to perfume all the samples I have received in my Glossy box and BP box I have ended up giving away or throwing out.

Hears a little rundown on the four samples I received from the lovely Stanwells and what I thought of them.

Juliette has a gun, Miss charming.
This lives up to its name charming! Beautiful scents of Moroccan rose, musks and wild fruits capture your senses, I could happily smell this all day. I love the packaging its properly the most original I have ever seen for perfume samples.

Boadicea the victorious, Pure.
Fresh scents of tropical fruits, sandalwood and jasmine awakens your mind and body. The packaging is generic but nice and simple.

Boadicea the victorious, Divine.
This is what I would call a girly perfume, wonderful scents of floral violet, jasmine and musk, smells like luxury to me.

Carthusia, Fori di capri.
I have to be honest this is my least favourite of the four, however the more I smell it the more I like it. This perfume is a floral blend of sandalwood Carnation and Lilly of the valley. I like the packaging and this sample comes in spray bottle form.   

With all of that in mind my favourite is Juliette has a gun, Miss charming. I love the brand name and the fragrance is beautiful and delicate. Miss charming will be knocking Channel No5 off my Christmas list!

If anyone would like to try or buy these perfumes then head over to Stanwells boutique.     

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