Wednesday, 10 February 2010

*mini haul*

Today on my lunch break I popped in to claries accessories to get sum grip slide and ended up coming out of the shop with a few extra goodies :)  I got these cute little heart earrings perfect for valentines and I thought will look great with my nautical t-shirt, I also got sum plain stud as a backup set as I seem to be miss placing my earrings lately

 also i came across BUMPITS hair volumizing inserts, you can create lots of diffrent hair styles with them. i am going to have a little try with them later, i will let you know how i get on :)  


Vaida said...

Oh i would love to have those bumpit thingies, i'm gonna have to search for em :)

glam n girly said...

i found some on ebay a few days ago quite cheap price too, you can get the bumpits in diffrent colours to match your hair :)

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