Monday, 11 October 2010

takeaway war!

Recently i have been buying a few take away pizzas, because my Prent's are away *sob* yes i knw lazy but i do like my pizza, but lately i have been disappointed with the quality of the pizzas i have orderd and the price!!! i orderd a meat feast the other day and only got one measly slice of pepperoni wtf hardly a meat feast! So i ventured to the supermarket and got a chicargotown pepperoni pizza i think it was about £4.00 and blow me it was the best pizza i have had in a long time! It was full of flavour and packed with pepperoni *yummy* and it was not full of grease i am going to carry on buying these tasty pizzas from a supermarket, i will save ££££ and they TAST WAY BETTER!

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