Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Bord of blond

i have had blond hair all my life i do have my hair highlighted because as i have got older my blond has turned a mouse blond... but I'm Bord of my bleached locks i would love to go dark but i love blond. i think I'm unimpressed now when i go to the hair dresser and come out looking the same every time. :( so i have been looking at blond alternatives i have been really in to ugly b atm Amanda if one of my fave characters i love her style and i really dig her hair colour i think its quite classy.

i just love this woman she has always had beautiful blond hair

I'm not so sure on this one i think my skin tone is to pale to pull it off .
what do you guys think?

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krissie said...

i was born towhead blonde, then it turned mousy freshman year, so i got super bleached highlights for like 3 years and totally forgot what i looked like without white hair haha - when i let it grow out right after senior year it was way darker than i was used to and oddly strawberry blonde all of a sudden.

it's kinda like this now:

at first i didn't think i could be "un-bleached". blonde is like our identity right? but now ive embraced being a darker blonde and the little bit of red-ish actually looks way better on my skin(im fair too.) I can wear colors I couldn't wear before because they looked harsh next to my hair - like red and and kelly greens. anyywwwaayss - my point? don't be afraid to try a darker blonde. i never thought i could do it, and now i LOVE it. :D

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