Monday, 7 November 2011

Orange and tan

Jumper: Topshop, Top: River island, Boots: Topshop 
 Hello Lovelys, burrrr it is cold! It is with out a dout winter now and I am so so so glad I brought these furry booties from Topshop on friday bargin at £36 I may have to buy another pair I love them so much, my dad always says if you love them then buy two! I think hes right. 
Not an amazing outfit today one of those everything is in the wash days, so had to make do. 

As its cold I thought why not mix and match a hat scarf and glove set, so my faviourate picks are, a cute but warm leoppard print beret and really snug looking faux fur scarf and these mittens now I am not a big fan on mittens as I dont find them practical but these look so cosy and they match the scarf.  


Celeste said...

Love the boots!!

TypicallyLulabella_ said...

Those boots are gorgeous! I tried some on similar in River Island when I went to London (they were a bit more like high tops though). They fit me and everything, but I wasn't sure.. Such a shame because I can't find them online! These look soooooo comfy though, congrats on the best winter buy i've seen so far!xxx

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