Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Are you being served?

So here’s a subject that’s been bugging me recently customers service, Does it bother you or do you expect it?

It seems a lot of shops are pushing this lately for instance I shop in countrywide quite often and I have never been asked if I was ok or if I needed help ect... till the other week and you know what I felt uncomfortable when I was asked if I needed help by two separate sales assistances, I also felt being watched and did not feel like browsing I just got what I needed paid for it and then left.

It’s got me thinking most shops I shop in like new look, hmv, h&m, primark, boots and topshop never ask me if I need help ect... and it does not bother me I like to walk around the store browsing picking things up trying them on because I don’t feel pressured into buying anything and if I needed help I would find a sale assistant and ask for their help.

But on the other hand I sort of expect it in some shops like a jewellers, the products you want to buy are behind their glass cabinet and the assistant can tell you what metal it is what stone it is, the style period ect ... so you would expect them to offer assistance to you.

It can all get quite confusing we all know retail is struggling at the moment and shops are trying to make as much money as they possibly can, but are they scaring customers off too?

I think the generation now aren’t so bothered if we want something we will ask for it. I also think online shopping plays a role too we are use to buying thing online and getting no help at all because it is all on a computer screen.

Should shops be pushing sales down people’s throats or should they lower their prices? I think primark is a good example for that.

So my question does it bother you or do you expect it?


The Brunette said...

Well in a way I like being able to walk into a shop and have no one hassling you and watching you but then again its nice for them to at least speak to you and be polite.

For instand I hate when you go somewhere like Coast and they just stare at you the whole time but they do say hello when entering the shop which is nice. But then when you go to places like H&M where they just ignore you and when you do ask them something in the main they seem moody unintereted and downright rude.

H&M is terrible the staff seem to have no customer service well not where I live anyway.
There is one girl in particular there who does not even speak when serving you and givs dirty looks!

I think most high street stores have got bad customer service I think the UK on the whole is bad for that!

Anonymous said...

i am with you on H&M i spent about 5 mins waiting at the till to be served and their were plenty of staff running about. xx

glam n girly said...

thank you for the comments its good to see things from other peoples point of view. xx

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