Monday, 27 June 2011

Deco Den UK?

Deco den anyone? if you have read some of my recent post you would have seen my deco den camera that i did and its got me thinking were can you buy deco den decorations and items in the UK?  Apart from bits and bobs of eBay there are only two sites i know glamkira and craftjam. Glamkira is a good site its were i got most of my bits for my camera and they also do pre made cases for phones, craft jam is also good they do other bits and bobs for jewellery etc.
when it comes to buying pre made phone cases yet again there is eBay, amazon, etsy and a recent one i stumbled upon Lucyboots
you can always go over the pond but i find shipping is expensive and you have to wait a while.
dose anyone know of any other good deco den sites in the UK?

                                                                     the camera again :)

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