Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Hair Straightener

First commercialised in the 1990’s hair straighteners are now one of the most commonly used hair styling tool.
The desire for straight hair goes back centuries in the 1870 such devices we invented to achieve the straight hair style, like metal straightening combs. It was not until the 1960 when woman started using clothes irons to straighten the hair that was when the revelation started.
The modern hair straightener has come a long way since then and so has it purpose not only is it possible to straighten the hair but now certain techniques and modifications have made it possible to crimp and curl the hair.

But witch brand to invest in? There are so many straighteners to choose from now, I have done my research and decided GHD and cloud nine are the best hair straighteners on the market to buy. I already have GHD’S and they are very good but i am tempted to buy the cloud nine straighteners I have read allot of good reviews about them, is it time to move away from the GHD?

cloud nine


what hair straighteners do you use?


nina said...

I have recently got a new pair of cloud nine hair straighteners for my birthday, though they do have some more features then my old GHD irons there not as good as i thought they would be. There are easily at par with my GHD but there not much better.

glam n girly said...

thanks for that, im still torn between the two, sometimes i think its best to stick with what you know. xx

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