Friday, 19 November 2010

Five things friday

♥ Average week for me i seem to be getting up later and later everyday though *oops* its not leaving me with much time to get myself ready for work after seeing to my pony i think its time to invest in a decent alarm clock any recommendations?

♥ Pastry i love these shoes! a definite on the Christmas list! (this list seems to be growing by the day)

♥ Love I'm a celebrity get me out of here ant and Dec are amazing they defiantly make the show! I'm not into X factor so did not really know much about Stacey Solomon, i think she is hilarious and Nigel is a darling

♥ Hated the fact that the bf has got a new blackberry and its better than mine! i know a touch of the green eyed monster, its so shiny though maybe i will swap them over, he properly wont realise mwahahaha


Cowbiscuits said...

Hiya! in reply to your comment on my blog - my blackberry cover is just a cheaper one off ebay its shiny and sparkly ! :) xx

glam n girly said...

:) thanks! im slightly addicted to blackberry cases lol xx

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