Saturday, 13 November 2010

Its about shape not size!

I ask you this question.... Have you ever gone into a clothes shop took countless pairs of jeans into the fitting room and been disappointed time after time because surprise surprise they don't bloody fit!

i am defiantly one of them!

Where ever i seem to go, i can never find any jeans that fit me, i feel sorry for the poor girl who Mann's the fitting room's as i give her the tangled mess of 20 pairs of jeans that did not fit me.

But be hold Levis have came up with the solution to solve all our fitting room nightmares............. CURVE ID! new custom fit jeans for women " its about shape not size" Levis. thank god for the clever people at Levis, after lots of research they came up with three body shape category's for us ladies.

slight curve

demi curve

bold curve
how do you know which one you are? Well simply pop in to one of the 33 Levis stores and get measured up to see what curve id shape you are, once that is identified you get given a Levis curve id card with you shape and waist/leg measurement. then you can pop in to any shop that sells Levis hand over your curve id card to the shop assistant and poof your perfect fitting are their ready for you to take home. perfect, defiantly cut you shopping time down and save money on the car parking.

Alternatively you can go online and enter Levis interactive digital fitting room were you will be shown a step by step how to measure your self guide.

i couldn't wait to discover what curve id i was so i hopped online, the step by step guide was amazing and very easy to do. i am a slight cure :) cant wait to get my hand on some Levi jeans.

witch curve id are you?


The Brunette said...

They look fab x

I don't tend to wear jeans much.

glam n girly said...

no nor me cuz they never seem to fit me rite :( im more of a leggin/tights girl xx

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