Monday, 15 November 2010

tinywishes ♥

So with Christmas just around the corner *eek* i thought it would be a good idea to start looking online for gifts.

I stumbled on this lovely website they sell beautiful waxed Irish linen bracelets with charms and semi precious stones.

Just a small collection on what tinywishes has to offer, the also do bead bracelets

These are not just bracelets though,they are wishes too,when you tie the bracelet around wrist you make a wish *beautiful* "legend has it when the bracelets naturally wares off and breaks your wish should come true." Simply wonderful they are stunning fashionable and affordable gifts

I have got my eye on quite a few of these beautiful bracelets for myself and for my friends of course, that's the problem about Christmas what ever i buy someone i always seem to want it myself ha ha.

Which ones do you like?


Chelsea Lane said...

I can't stop thinking about christmas! love these picks, remind me of Dogeared jewelry!


Cherry Pullinger said...

Those looks really cute!

sarahbetty said...

These are so cute and such a nice gift! Good spot - I might consider getting some for my friends :)

Sarah Betty xx

danniekate said...

love the packaging :) x

sian said...

aw i love the beaded bracelets. karma beads :) i need to start thinking about what i want to ask santa for!xx

Cellardoor Magazine said...

Very cute x

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