Sunday, 7 November 2010

sunday sob :(

Hi all sorry i have not posted as much as i wanted this week, still very busy *sigh* As some of you already know i am Bord of my blonde hair and now i am Bord of my style, i love the length of my hair and i actually want to grow it longer I'm just Bord of how i style it every day, i have just brought a hair style book from waterstones and hopefully i will be able to create a few styles ( i will post updates on how it goes). my main problem is my fine hair *sob* i hate it, i feel like their is less hair on my head every day dose anyone know of any products i could use t help my hair? also i am now on a heat ban to give my hair a little break.

in other news yesterday i discovered their was a UN welcome guest on my yard and stole my fence energiser *grrr* i now have to pluck £120.00 from thin air to replace it! luckily i have one to borrow till i get a new on. makes me sick some petty low life stole it in broad day light, nothing is safe these days!

fingers crossed for a better week.

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