Monday, 4 July 2011


WHY ARE MONDAYS THE URGH DAY? everything seems to take extra effort and concentration this morning i did not want to get out of my bed and when i finally did i still felt like a walking zombie then after a cup of coffee and a hour watching TV i eventually got rid of my sleepyhead. Finding today outfit was easy enough today thought but getting my fringe to go how i want it was a flipping struggle i almost lost my hair with it. I think you are ever a morning person or not, my friend will get up at the crack of dawn tack up her horse and take him out on a hour long hack at 6:30 in the morning i would love to do that but i think i would be too much of a hazard.Well i better start getting into that routine as i have 7am starts at work in a few weeks time.
As for work I spent most of my time today in the stock room sorting out clothes for the sale i feel so grubby after spending what felt like a eternity in their oh and when i say most of my time at work i meant a 4 hour shift, now I'm shattered.
anyone Else's Monday urgh?

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