Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pro gel polish

With all the spending I have done lately I thought why the hell not, spend a little more so last Thursday I got my nails done! I have quite long nails anyway so  did not go for extensions so I decided to have a pro gel polish instead, its just like having a manicure but with layers of gel polish which hardens and protect you nails its meant to last up to two weeks and so far *fingers crossed* I have not chipped a nail yet. It cost me £20 and I would defiantly recommend this to anyone its not something I would get done on a regular basic thought especially at £20 if it is only going to last for two weeks. 
Has anyone else had the pro gel polish, what are your thoughts on it?


Love Sex and Other Stuff said...

What happens after two weeks? I have long and strong nails, but I love the look of those nails. Xx

glam n girly said...

i took, well peeled mine of yesterday got bord of them altho they did last very well, i duno i suppose you could keep them on till they start to chip off. its great having long and strong nails people keep asking me if they are fake lol xx

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