Sunday, 10 July 2011

sunday sum up 003

Another week gone its not been too bad this week although the family have all been under the weather, i won the bridle on eBay but its too flipping small *sigh* going to have to send it back.
lately I'm having to pop up the yard at 12am! because their was reports that people have been snooping around the yard late a night with torches.
Thursday i has the worst hangover ever from half a bottle of wine!!! *I'm a cheap night out*  
I'm too scared to look at my bank balance at the moment i have another 18 days till payday and I'm already the only thing that takes my mind off being broke is watching sex and the city 2 and staring at my amazing phone case i got from pixiepatch its so cute.
hope everyone else has had a good week.

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