Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday sum up 004

What a week i have been busy every evening! And then the whole toe incident happened Wednesday night i ran in to my bedside cabinet and knocked my little toe oh the flipping pain!!! So Thursday morning i hobbled to a&e and had an xray luckily not broken *sight of relief* but still non the less painful and it still is now. I had to drop out of the race for life which was today *boo* i was looking forward to the 3 mile run! People say it dose not look that bad because it not bruised that much well they can get stuffed i don't have much meat on my toes thanks!
We celebrated my brothers 18th of Friday and had a awesome party i had to ware flats though *sigh* and there is a mountain size cake on the kitchen side to get through I'm sure we will manage it.
I am off to the royal welsh show tomorrow *eek* very excited never been before I'm a country bum at heart.
i will leave you with three blogs you should check out Carriebritt  and girl with the golden touch

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

omg thats the best cake ive ever seen!!

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